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A fast-paced day where you'll have my undivided attention to get your brand launched into the world so you can start selling out your services immediately!


We get to work whipping up your stunning new brand assets from the Brandstorm plan, which may include brand strategy, custom brand asset design and brand messaging. 


A 1:1 session to get clarity on what makes you different & craft a plan to bridge the gap between your brand vision and your brand reality.


How It Works


With our proven Brandboost™ One-Day VIP Process we will create a custom brand that extends your reach and represents you as the main event attraction that you are. And that's right, we do it all in a day!

Say goodbye to long drawn out timelines and waiting forever for your new brand to launch.

Say hello to your custom competition-crushing brand launched
in one day!

Based on the Brandstorm™ Blueprint, we customize a series of 1:1 workshops that gives us the insights we need to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that may include: brand naming, personas, logo design messaging, design direction, brand identity, competitive analysis, website wireframes, marketing plan, etc.

We get brands into fighting shape through an intensive, fastpaced 2-part process:

2. The Brandboost™

You know you need to do something different with your branding and website but don’t know where to start, what to do, or how to prioritize. Brandstorm can help you cut through the clutter. We help brands get clarity through a 2 hour 1:1 discovery workshop that gives us the insights we need to develop a Brandstorm™ Blueprint – a custom brand plan that makes you stand out in the ring. You’ll see clearly how to get to from where you are to where you want to go.

get a clear plan & become the industry champion

1. The Brandstorm™

Before your VIP day, we work our magic knocking out your brand assets. We'll present them to you on your VIP launch day where you’ll have my undivided attention. The whole day is a collaborative experience to finalize, tweak and launch your deliverables so you can get your work out into the world and achieve champion status.




The Process

Move over stale and meaningless mission statement. Get our free Brand Manifesto Workbook and show the world who you are!

Take a Bold Stance With a Brand Manifesto

You know you need to revive your website, messaging and logo but you don't have time to wait forever to get it done. Introducing our Brandboost™ VIP Design Day where we will create a brand that extends your reach and represents you as the main event attraction that you are. And we do it all in a day so you can avoid the frustrating down time.

Your brand is down for the count & you're losing sales. 


Every VIP Day Includes:

Ready To Do This?

Need a new unique logo? Customized Website? Brand Strategy? Messaging? Marketing materials? All the things?

With the Brandstorm Blueprint™ plan, we build out your custom high priority brand assets, so you can go from overlooked to over booked.

When you book your Brandboost™ VIP Day you're booking me and my team's branding & creative ninja skills & experience, not a set of deliverables. (Although that is naturally part of the outcome.)

With the plan we develop together, we'll use your valuable time as efficiently as possible and tailor your VIP day so we can launch all the brand assets you will need to boost your brand authority & start selling out your services.

There's Just One More Thing

Project strategy session
Pre-day planning workbook
Professional custom copywriting & brand assets
Easy to use Showit website
One full day dedicated to your launch
Brand photography guide & personalized plan
Post-launch website walkthrough video
14 Days of post-day email support (for questions/tech issues)
60 Day Check-in


Frank Seldon, 401k ROBS Pros

There’s a big change between the number of visitors to my old website and the new one. I’m getting results, and I have more clients than before I started working with Be Bold.

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"