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Coach Kev is a dating coach who works with high caliber women looking to find lasting love. He helps them recognize the value they bring to their relationships and with them he develops a game plan for dating success.

As a result, his clients enter the dating field more confident, more relaxed, and more fulfilled before they ever meet Mr. Right.

Be Bold partnered with Kevin much in the same way he works with his clients. We helped him start his business with a sophisticated brand in order to connect with and confidently inspire his audience to say ‘I do’ to working with him.

Building a sophisticated brand that inspires trust

Brand strategy
Identity design
Website Design

Coach Kev
From Casual to Serious


Photographic Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Social Media Content Plan & Creation
Online Community Launch Strategy

We worked with Coach Kev in our brand strategy workshop to understand how he stood out from his competition.

Coach Kev is not solely focused on the tactics of dating but rather on helping his clients grow personally and develop the tools they need to build lasting relationships. He helps clients understand how to navigate the dating world on their own after coaching has concluded. His philosophy is that love should last forever but that coaching shouldn’t.

Through our strategy sessions we understood what was important to him and to his audience. We developed a messaging strategy for his website that reflected his points of differentiation and his business values.

Love should last forever.
Coaching shouldn't.​

Many coaching websites fail to connect with their audience because they don’t offer a glimpse into the personality and values of the coach.

Leveraging Coach Kev’s vision for his brand, we were able to get to the essence of the his spirit and identity and translate it into a design and messaging that draws his ideal audience in.

We also worked with him to develop a video script for his site so that prospects could further develop a sense of his personality and coaching style.

Building solid client relationships

As a small business establishing a new business model, Be Bold was creative and flexible in developing my brand strategy, brand identity, website and social media fundamentals.

Coach Kev, Dating and Relationship Coach
From Casual to Serious

"Angela and her team sought to understand my needs as well as my client's needs, to produce brand assets that are awesome!”

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

client testimonial

Inspiring trust and connecting from the heart was our focus when creating Coach Kev’s social media strategy and branded assets. 

Borrowing from his coaching playbook and philosophy, we crafted messages containing authentic heartfelt stories and ideas to inspire his audience to start forming meaningful relationships, make better dating choices and to offer a glimpse into his process and what it’s like to work with him.

Connecting from the heart

Most high caliber women are too busy building their careers to waste time on bad dates with low quality men. Coach Kev helps women recognize the value they bring to relationships and develop a game plan for dating success. His clients enter the dating field more confident, more relaxed, and more fulfilled before they ever meet Mr. Right.

Coach Kev's Positioning Statement

Hiring a dating coach is a highly personal decision and can be a vulnerable undertaking. Coalition understood this and created a marketing and communications strategy around building trust with the audience as well as demonstrating empathy.

With Coalition’s help Coach Kev is strongly positioned as a trusted expert, and is able to attract high caliber clients to his coaching brand.

We developed a brand and marketing foundation that reflects his values and is appealing to intended users.

He now has the tools required to move his business forward with confidence and maintain a consistent brand image as new marketing and brand assets are continually developed.

Trust is the cornerstone to strong client relationships

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