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Kathleen Templeton, a budding author targeted at middle-grade readers, came to us with a powerful vision but no clear path to execute it.

She wanted to share stories that would help children navigate grief, drawing from her personal experience of losing her mother at a young age. With a DIY logo and no brand strategy, Kathleen needed help transforming her vision into a solid brand.

A Powerful Vision Without a Path

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Kathleen Templeton
Christian Children's Author


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We started by understanding Kathleen’s vision, her motivations, and the unique selling points of her stories. This helped us create a brand that was authentic to Kathleen’s intentions and appealing to her target audience: families dealing with grief, and the support network around them including teachers, pastors, and counselors.

We developed a brand identity that reflects Kathleen’s mission: “Empathetic Faith-Based Stories for Grieving Young Souls”. The logo, color palette, and typography were designed to convey empathy, hope, community support and spiritual guidance — key themes in Kathleen’s narrative.

A Beacon of Hope for Grieving Families

With her new brand and marketing strategy, Kathleen has a solid platform to start sharing her message of hope and to start making her mark in the niche of children’s literature that deals with grief.

More importantly, Kathleen has been able to connect with families in need of the resources she provides. Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the empathetic and honest approach to children’s grief that Kathleen offers through her stories.

With a strong brand behind her, Kathleen is now well-positioned to continue spreading her message of hope and healing to children grappling with loss - giving children the tools they need to navigate grief with honesty and faith.

A New Chapter in Children’s Literature on Grief

I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have found Angela and her services as a branding and marketing expert. Angela not only provided me with a clear plan and strategy, but she took the time to understand my values and goals, creating a beautiful website and branding that perfectly represents my work. It's thanks to Angela's expertise that I now have the confidence and tools to successfully sell my books and connect with my readers.

Kathleen Templeton, Christian Children's Author

"I had no idea where to start when it came to creating my branding or how to effectively market myself."

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

kathleen templeton

Kathleen Templeton, a 'realistic fiction' author for middle-grade readers, offers a unique blend of empathy, hope, and Christian values. Her books offer a candid perspective for young minds grappling with grief, providing them with the encouragement they need in times of sorrow. Unlike many who shy away from the harsh realities of grief, Kathleen confronts it with honesty, empathetically guiding children towards hope.

Kathleen's Positioning Statement

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