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When Mark came to us he knew what he wanted his business day to look like but he was having a hard time putting his brand together. He's a real estate photographer that provides more than exceptional images. He pairs passion for his clients' brands & the real estate industry to become a visual branding partner to elevate their brand.

With a strong vision and understanding of his ideal customers we worked with Mark to select a name that was memorable and gave some context into his work.

We worked through the brand naming process, starting by understanding the personality of the brand to craft a name that matched – MindShift Mark was selected signifying that shifting your mindset will help his clients make a mark in their industry. The fact that his first name was also part of the brand name was a nice added bonus. 

First Impressions Matter

The best brand marks have a story behind them and give us a taste of what the brand stands for.

The brand mark for MindShift Mark was inspired by a statement that I heard in the strategy session. When I asked Mark what specific value he brought to his clients he told me that he makes their business better because he is always up with the latest trends and has his ear to the ground. He described himself as a "canary in a coal mine" and that, along with his unique attire of wearing a vest to every shoot the canary in a vest was created.

The logo mark is unusual, memorable and piques the curiosity of anyone that comes across his mark. All hallmarks of a great logo.

An Icon for an Iconic Look

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MindShift Mark


Mark was headed off in several different directions with his business when we met with him. We sat down with him to understand his ideas and guided him. We focused all of our messaging on that value he brings to clients, the outcome, results and transformations rather than the services he offers.

We know that clients are always asking themselves "What's in it for me?" when they are visiting our website and we wanted to answer that question clearly on Mark's website so that his ideal client would understand the problem Mark was solving and how he was different than other photographers.

He had three separate audiences so we found the common ground between them as they all had similar challenges and spoke to those in the copy we wrote for him.

Creating Value in the Mind of the Client

I was having difficulty conveying the value that my company brings, and I was trying to put a focus on what I do.and I needed help streamlining that. 

Angela took the knowledge that I had, and made it presentable for clients.

Mark Gutierrez, Owner, MindShift Mark

"I was really impressed with what Angela developed because I didn’t even know what I was looking for.

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

"To add more reviews, just duplicate this canvas view and swap out the text and photo. Vice paleo bitters before they sold out, single-origin coffee marfa subway tile tilde activated."

"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

MindShift Mark uses industry knowledge, business insights, and creative vision to help quality-driven realtors create instantly recognizable visual brands that make their place in the market the place every agent wants to be.

The Pitch

Mark came to us not only to build his visual brand assets but to bring clarity to the message he was using to market his business. We were able to create this elevator pitch along with short memorable talking points he can use in his future marketing.

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