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When Lisa contacted me, her boutique tax practice that was doing pretty well for itself, but there was a snag—the way she presented her brand online just wasn't doing justice to the top-notch, specialized service she was dishing out.

She was stuck in a sea of sameness where her brand just blended in with all the others, making it tough to reel in the dream clients she wanted. Folks were seeing her as just another tax gal, not the whiz she really is. Plus, she was clocking crazy hours juggling a ton more clients than she wanted, which was totally frying her out. And to top it off, she was stuck in this loop of charging by the hour instead of getting paid for the real deal—her smarts and know-how.

A Serious Case of the Brand Blues

Brand naming
Brand strategy

Taxes by Design


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Identity design
Website Design

(Formerly Tax Pros CPA)

Lisa was on a mission to give her branding and design a serious upgrade. She knew it was time to make sure her brand really showed off the top-shelf service she was all about.

The goal was to get clearer in her messaging, so she wasn't swamped with new client inquiries that didn't fit the bill. She wanted to draw in leads that were spot-on for her ideal client profile.

Lisa was also aiming to increase her revenue by 30% within a year after the rebrand while simultaneously decreasing her workload. And, of course, she was excited about jazzing up her branding so it'd be something she could brag about—a true reflection of her personality and the quality of work she brings to the table.

Top-notch Branding for Top-Notch Services

We created a collage of inspiration to guide the look and feel of the website design based on the brand descriptors chosen in the strategy session. Rich copper and luxurious navy and teal tones in combination with a serif headline font were chosen to create a refined look that connected with the new niche audience.

“Saving My Pennies” Stylescape Design

We started with a heart-to-heart to really get what Lisa was all about—her dreams, her goals, and the rough patches she was hitting. From that chat, we whipped up a solid game plan to sort out the issues she was facing. Then we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the business of giving her brand a major facelift, complete with a fresh name that was all about Lisa’s vibe. We didn’t stop there, though. We created new brand assets like a new logo, a website that’s has a sophisticated vibe, messages that hit just right, and service packages that are tailor-made for her crowd. All of this was about showing the world that Lisa is the go-to pro in her field and getting the right kind of clients knocking on her door.

From Generic to Distinctive

Her ability to uncover my values and create reflective assets has positioned me to attract high-end clients, increasing my profitability. The VIP day offered insightful reflections and dedicated time to my assets, achieving the right balance of time and effort. The whole experience was quick, comprehensive, and Angela’s understanding of my goals made it incredibly effective. I’m thrilled with the results of my brand makeover!

Lisa Silva, Owner, Taxes by Design

“Working with Angela was a transformative experience."

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

Post-rebrand, Lisa's business experienced a transformative change:

  • Her brand now stands out against competitors, showcasing her uniqueness.
  • Clear communication of services attracts clients specifically seeking what she offers.
  • Transition from hourly billing to value-based pricing.
  • Focus on fewer clients but with increased profitability.
  • A full roster of high-quality leads that align with her ideal client base.

An Elevated Brand Presence

Lisa's investment in rebranding has positioned Taxes by Design not just as a tax service provider, but as a high touch premium service for those seeking specialized tax planning and preparation. Her success is a testament to the power of strategic branding and design in elevating a business's market presence and profitability. And the best part is she made back her rebranding investment back just 2 weeks post-launch!

Cha-ching! Now that’s what you call smart accounting!

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