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The #1 Way To Make Your Website Easier To Find

“88% of visitors prefer to stay on a site when there is video on the homepage.”

Videos are a great way to inform, engage and persuade your potential clients about your business and connect with them on a personal level to boost your conversions.

Videos are, by far, the best way to establish a strong brand personality. Online visibility is a high priority these days. This may not be something you tackle right away because production costs can be high, but consider shooting something simple with your smart phone that has good lighting and sound quality so that you can show your company culture in a dynamic way to your website visitors.

Another great reason to include a video on your homepage is searchability. Websites with video on the homepage increase their chances of turning up on the top listings on Google. Reports published in have confirmed that 88% of visitors prefer to stay on a site when there are videos on the homepage.

The hardest part about creating a video is knowing what to say. Below you will find a breakdown on the sections that work well to create an engaging story for your brand that you can follow.

Who are you talking to and why should they listen?

What is the pain or challenge that your audience currently feels?
Or, what is the opportunity / desire that they’re looking for?

What gives you the right to speak on this topic?

What is the solution to the problem the audience is currently feeling? Show proof that your solution actually works!

What should the audience do now to get the desired results?

Lights, camera, action! It’s time to think about making a video!

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