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Share-Worthy Branding: 6 Tips to Make Your Business Unforgettable

Brands large and small still rely heavily on word of mouth marketing. And why wouldn’t you? It’s a very powerful and free advertising tool for your business! A whopping 92% of consumers trust recommendations over a company’s messaging and want to hear the opinions of past clients before making a purchasing decision. But how do you make sure you’re capturing the most of this coveted marketing category for your brand and staying top of mind? Brands that linger in the minds of consumers do so because they’ve mastered the art of being both memorable and shareable. Here’s how you can too.

1. Your Signature Offer

Think about the last time a brand name became synonymous with the service itself. For instance, “Googling” something has become much more than using Google’s search engine; it’s entered our daily vernacular as the go-to term for searching anything online. That’s because Google didn’t just offer a search engine; it offered an experience that was unique enough to become its signature and they created their own verb for it, now that’s true branding power.

Your service or product should follow suit by breaking away from generic descriptions. Leave Gold, Silver and Bronze package names at the door in favor of something more creative and on brand for you and your business. Create and name your offerings in a way that sticks. Starbucks did this brilliantly with its drink sizes (Tall, Grande, Venti), making its menu a part of the Starbucks experience. Make your offerings memorable by branding them distinctly, making it easy for people to talk about what you do.

2. The Transformation You Create

Customers are increasingly looking for outcomes rather than just products or services. They want to know the transformation your offering will bring into their lives. Weight Watchers, now rebranded as WW, emphasizes not just weight loss but a holistic transformation toward a healthier lifestyle. This transformation is what customers remember and share with others – it’s the story of going from point A to point B with your brand as the guide.

Your task is to clearly articulate the valuable outcome of your service or product. What specific transformation can your clients expect? By starting from this endpoint and working backward, you help potential clients see why they should choose you.

3. The Niche You Serve

Specializing in a niche market can make your brand more appealing and memorable. A prime example is Drybar, a salon chain that exclusively offers blowouts. No haircuts, no shaves, nothing else, just blowouts. By focusing solely on blowout services, Drybar has become a go-to destination for those seeking professional styling without the full salon experience. This specialized approach has helped Drybar carve out a niche in the beauty industry.

Identify your niche by considering who benefits most from the transformation you offer. By catering specifically to a demographic or industry, you can create tailored solutions that resonate with customers and make your brand stand out. Is it a particular demographic, industry, service or type of client? Narrowing your focus doesn’t limit your potential; it amplifies it.

4. Your Brand Personality

Your brand’s personality is what breathes life into your business and makes it relatable. It’s the style and tone you use in your communications, the colors and design of your logo, and even the way you interact with customers on social media.

Take Slack, for example. The business communication platform injects humor and personality into its branding, from quirky app loading messages to playful marketing campaigns. This unique brand personality has helped Slack differentiate itself in a crowded market and connect with users on a more personal level.

5. Your Brand Promise

What can you deliver that no one else can? This is your brand promise, a statement that encapsulates the unique value you offer to customers and deliver at every turn. When done right, it’s what people will remember and share about your brand.

Aflac Insurance, known for its iconic duck mascot, promises that “In just 15 minutes, you could save 15% or more on your insurance.” This clear and compelling statement assures customers of significant savings within a short timeframe. By emphasizing the potential cost savings, Aflac Insurance appeals to their ideal target aucience – budget-conscious individuals looking for affordable insurance options without compromising on quality coverage. This promise not only sets clear expectations but also creates a shareable and buzz worthy benefit that will ensure others pass along their message for them.

6. Your Unique Story

People love to share stories, especially those that resonate on a personal level or inspire them in some way. Your brand’s backstory, how it came to be, the challenges you’ve overcome, or what motivates you can be a powerful tool in making your brand not only relatable but memorable.

Branch Basics, a company dedicated to providing non-toxic cleaning products, has a captivating story that resonates with health-conscious consumers. Their journey began with three friendsseeking solutions to health issues caused by harmful chemicals in everyday products. Determined to create safe and effective cleaning alternatives, they embarked on a mission to develop plant-based formulas that prioritize people’s well-being and the environment.

Branch Basics’ narrative embodies empowerment and advocacy for safer living. By authentically sharing their personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs, Branch Basics has not only cultivated a successful business but also resonated with customers facing similar obstacles, forging a profound connection on a personal level.

Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic; authenticity and relatability are key. Share the origins of your brand, your vision for the community you serve, and the driving passion behind your work. These human elements create connections that resonate with others. Remember, while your story is yours, it should also reflect your customers’ experiences, allowing them to see themselves within your narrative and find connection.

Become the Talkaboutable Brand’

Making your brand shareable and memorable is about connecting on a deeper level with your audience and standing out from what’s already out there. It’s about offering something unique, delivering real value, and doing so in a way that resonates with the people you serve. By focusing on these six aspects: your signature offer, the transformation you create, the niche you serve, your brand personality, your brand promise, and your unique story, you’ll build a brand that not only is memorable but also is shared more frequently by your brand’s biggest fans–your customers.

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