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Coach Sheri, a psychologist and counsellor specializing in coaching teenage girls and their mothers approached us with concerns about her website. She felt that it was too cluttered, difficult to navigate, and was not generating meaningful leads. After conducting an initial assessment of her online presence, we identified several areas where improvements could be made.

One major problem with the client’s existing 12 page website was that it contained an overwhelming amount of content. While some of this information might have been useful or relevant to potential clients, much of it did not serve a clear purpose or contribute to an effective customer journey.

Rekindling Connections

Brand Strategy
Website Design
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Coach Sheri is a psychologist dedicated to helping teens and parents through the difficult ups and downs of adolescence. She delves into difficult topics that parents and teens face every day such as friendship issues, perfectionism, peer pressure, anxiety, and stress.

Sheri came to us because her website wasn’t converting her leads to paying clients, she also felt it was too busy, cluttered and complicated. As a result, potential clients were left feeling confused about how to engage with her services. We helped her by whittling down her multi-paged website into an efficient one page conversion-optimized sales page.

Getting to the Heart of What Matters

We collaborated with Sheri in developing a well-defined customer journey, with clear calls-to-action that guided visitors towards an intentional path to a sale. By implementing strategic calls-to-action throughout her site, we made it easier for potential clients to book appointments. When the path is clear, website visitors are more likely to follow it.

Guiding Digital Wanderers

"We were looking to simplify our website and create more clarity around the services and support offered. We have already seen a better conversion rate. More people have booked a parent consult from our website than all of last year."

Sheri Gazitt, CEO & Founder, Teen Wise

"I loved how well Angela listened to what we needed."

what clients say

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

Our engagement began with a collaborative strategy session to gather information about her brand and her ideal clients. Getting to understand Sheri’s ideal audience - mothers of teenage girls seeking coaching and psychological support, helped us to tailor her website’s content and messaging effectively.

By working closely with our client, we refined her site map and the messaging for each section. Understanding her client’s challenges, needs and preferences, allowed us to create content that would resonate with them on a deeper level.

Bridging Communication Gaps

The Old Information Heavy Website

Despite receiving a decent amount of traffic, the client’s website was not generating leads or converting visitors into clients at an acceptable rate.

In addition to streamlining content and creating clear customer journeys, we also revamped the overall design of the website. By improving its visual appeal, creating bite-sized scannable sections of copy and improving user experience, we ensured that visitors would be more likely to engage with the site’s content and take action.

A Confused Mind Navigates Away

Less Is More

As a result of our collaborative efforts in simplifying the website, identifying a clear target audience, crafting strategic calls-to-action and messaging, and improving overall design, we were able to transform Sheri's website into an effective marketing tool that continues to drive business and foster meaningful connections with her ideal audience.

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