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Bold Branding moves to help you take on any competitor in the ring.

Let’s face it, in your industry, whether you’re slinging coffee beans or coding websites, you’re one of a million. To rise above the noise, you need to find an enemy that is also your client’s enemy and call it out with gusto. That’s right – it’s time to make “the enemy of my enemy is […]

Stand Out by Standing Against: The Power of a Shared Villain

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Forget those snooze-inducing mission statements that are as exciting as watching paint dry. Today’s modern customers crave something more.  They want authenticity, connection, and meaning from the brands they choose to support. That’s where the brand manifesto comes into play – a clear and public declaration of your purpose and intent that lights up people’s […]

Brand Manifestos – Bold Declarations That Pack a Punch!

Gone are the days of “if you build it, they will come” in business. There is immense competition in every industry and if you haven’t considered building a strong brand for your business, you’re missing out!

The Impact of Branding on Your Business Success

how to make your website rank higher

“88% of visitors prefer to stay on a site when there is video on the homepage.” Videos are a great way to inform, engage and persuade your potential clients about your business and connect with them on a personal level to boost your conversions. Videos are, by far, the best way to establish a strong […]

The #1 Way To Make Your Website Easier To Find


Let your audience know they’re in the right place by answering these four questions on your homepage.

The Four Questions Your Homepage Should Answer